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 Biological dentistry, takes into account a person’s entire state of physical and emotional health. We use natural therapies to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases of the oral cavity.

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Holistic Dentistry focuses on Whole-Body Wellness that starts with the mouth. It addresses a wide range of dental problems, including problems with specific teeth related to acupuncture meridians and the autonomic nervous system, toxicity and/or toxicity from dental restoration and temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Holistic dentistry is an approach to dentistry that focuses on the use of non-toxic materials and recognizes that infections in the mouth can impact a person’s overall body wellness.

At Pannu Holistic Dental Myology, we go the extra mile in treating gums, teeth, jaw, and related structures with specific regard to how the therapy will affect whole body wellness. 

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Preventative Dental Treatments
Buteyko Breathing
Myofunctional Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy/TMJ Pain Therapy
Stress Management Therapy

Holistic Mineral Dental Probiotics

Holistic Gum Oil Pulling Concentrate

Oxygenated Gum Therapy (TX for Gum Ds)

Detox Hydroxyapatite Mineral Toothpaste

Ozonated Colloidal Silver Mouthwash (30ppm)

Gum Oil (Gel for ulcers, bacterial, fungal  and viral infections)



Here’s What We Provide

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RDHAP, B.S in Dental Hygiene, OMFT

Taren has a Bachelors of Dental Hygiene with Honors from USA and Bachelors of Science from India.  She has been a dentist in India and has been working in the field of dentistry for over 20 years. 
As a professional, she has found her calling in serving people, through the provision of holistic dental hygiene and dental myology. It has gifted her lasting relationship through promoting health and wellness. As a dental professional, she likes to pass along her knowledge to patients about TMD, Sleep Apnea and the impact of dental health on overall physical well being. She likes to spread awareness about how close nerves, arteries and veins of teeth are in close proximity to our brain, thereby influencing many overall systemic health functions.

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